If there is something else you would like to see, please don’t hesitate to let us know! Escapist Poison (Immobilize, Speed reduction, Drain Stamina) (Blessed Thistle, Columbine, Namiras Rot). 25.05.2020 Updated the build for the GREYMOOR CHAPTER. The Blight Build is optimized for Trials, Dungeons & Arenas. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and Alcast has been playing The Elder Scrolls Online since the Beta and has knowledge of all types of classes and builds in the game. this build can be used for Battlegrounds but also for Cyrodiil which it is focused towards. This build features amazing speed and survivability while also sporting a deadly burst combo. The Bloodrush Build features the Necromancer class for Elder Scrolls Online. Skull Blast – Solo Magicka Necromancer Build / Solo Magcro This ESO Solo Magicka Necromancers build is capable of amazing damage output, survive-ability, and pack one of the strongest ultimates in the game! Endless Hail > LA > Poison Injection > Weapon Swap, LA > BB > LA > Skeletal Archer > LA > Lethal Arrow > BB > 2x Lethal Arrow (with LA) > BB > 2x Lethal Arrow (with LA) > BB > 2x Lethal Arrow (with LA) > BB > Weapon Swap. We loose a bit of health and stamina but we gain a lot of extra Stamina Recovery! For people that do not have all the gear yet can use the Setup 2 which is easier to obtain and beginners can use Setup 3. 26.10.2020 Updated the Build for the MARKARTH DLC, Greymoor Chapter. Buffed: Battle Spirit, Major Brutality, Weapon Damage Enchant, Balorgh proc, Tri Stat Potion, Alchemist Proc, Spirit Guardian and Summoner’s Armor was active on a Nord with Lava Foot Soup and Saltrice buff food. The Build is designed for Battlegrounds and the no-CP Cyrodiil campaigns. Elder Scrolls Online. This build does exactly that. Stamina Necromancer Build – Stonethorn Magicka Necromancer Build Nightblade Stamina Nightblade PvP Build Magicka Nightblade PvP Build Dragonknight Stamina Dragonknight Build Magicka Dragonknight Build Sorcerer You will find 3 different setups here. Tri-Stat Potion (Health, Stamina, Magicka) (Bugloss, Columbine, Mountain Flower). Relequen, 5x Tzogvin, 2x Velidreth on an Orc. The Bloodrush Build is optimized for Cyrodiil. Screenshot: 5x Perf. This gearsetup is pretty easy to get, you need to ask a guildmate to craft you Hundings Rage and Night Mothers Gaze. If you need optimized defensive Champion Points for a specific trial I recommend checking out my Maximize Damage Mitigation in Trials Article. If you want to learn more about the different racial passives that each race offers, check out my Race Guide which explains everything in detail. 18.08.2020 Updated the Build for the STONETHORN DLC, Greymoor Chapter. Orc Khajiit Dark Elf Nord Redguard Wood Elf Imperial, Weapon Crit Potions  (Weap dmg, Weap Crit, Stamina) (Blessed Thistle, Dragonthorn, Wormwood), Damage Health Poison (Damage Poison, Damage Poison) (Fleshfly Larva, Nightshade, Nirnroot). Because the Necromancer has a passive that increases health Last Gasp and we also put 20 points into the health attribute, we can actually run Max Stamina + Stamina Recovery food! This Necromancer bow build functions similar to other bow builds, you can play close up, mid range or at max range depending on your current skill setup. More builds are being added as I get build writers for them, and the following list will be updated as more builds are posted to the website: Alcast is part of the Class Representative Program and a Stream Team Partner, both officially supported by ZOS. For our main setup we run Perfected Arms Of Relequen , Tzogvin’s Warband and a Monster set of your choice depending on how close to the enemy you can play. Prebuff with: Skeletal Archer and Blighted Blastbones. In case you still have trouble, you can also do heavy attacks to restore stamina. Guides for every aspect of ESO. Cyrodiil & Battlegrounds setups as well as solo and group builds. Nord and Orc are the top two choices for this build. An alternative Stamina Necromancer PVE Build that is using only the bow as its weapon. Necromancer Nightblade Sorcerer Templar Warden PvP Dragonknight Necromancer Nightblade Sorcerer Templar Warden Events Imperial City Jester’s Festival Orsinium Thieves Guild / Dark Brotherhood Elsweyr Guides Crafting Alcast also publishes videos on, © 2020 by Alcast® | All rights reserved. New Moon Acolyte: Craftable Clever Alchemist: Craftable Perfected Spectral Cloak: vBlackrose Prison Arena Spectral Cloak: Blackrose Prison Arena Balorgh: vMarch of Sacrifices, Urgalarg Undaunted Chest Blessing of Potentas: Cyrodiil, Vlastarus Elite Gear Vendor Bloodspawn: vSpindleclutch II, Maj Undaunted Chest. The goal was to have builds for the most common class/role combinations in PvP, which is why you mainly see DPS builds, with the PvP healing builds being for Templar, Necromancer and Warden. This build has had a complete overhaul since the Elsweyr patch. Alcast also publishes videos on, © 2020 by Alcast® | All rights reserved. For our main setup we run Perfected Arms Of Relequen, Tzogvin’s Warband and a Monster set of your choice depending on how close to the enemy you can play. This build has crazy Single Target damage due to the burst setup we are using. We are changing the Jewelry glyphs to increase our overall sustain for the setup. Major Vulnerability: Decreased to 10%, down from 25%. Thank you for enjoying our content! If you don’t have the Blackrose Spectral Cloak weapons, you can also use Potentas instead. The Ritual 49 Mighty, 37 Precise Strikes, 36 Piercing The Attronarch 66 Master-at-Arms, 14 Physical Weapon Expert, 40 Shattering Blows The Apprentice 28 Blessed The Shadow 40 Shadow Ward, 28 Tumbling, 25 Befoul The Lover 49 Tenacity, 49 Mooncalf The Tower 56 Warlord, 1 Siphoner, 22 Sprinter The Lord 43 Quick Recovery The Lady 49 Hardy, 49 Elemental Defender, 23 Thick Skinned The Steed 56 Ironclad, 50 Resistant, The Ritual 37 Mighty, 31 Precise Strikes, 37 Piercing The Attronarch 44 Master at Arms, 23 Shattering Blows The Apprentice The Shadow 40 Shadow Ward,  28 Tumbling The Lover 43 Tenacity, 43 Mooncalf The Tower 1 Siphoner, 40 Warlord, 5 Sprinter The Lord 28 Quick Recovery The Lady 37 Hardy, 37 Elemental Defender, 23 Thick Skinned The Steed 44 Ironclad, 31 Resistant, The Ritual 31 Piercing, 27 Mighty, 28 Precise Strikes The Attronarch 13 Master at Arms, 1 Physical Weapon Expert The Apprentice The Shadow The Lover 49 Mooncalf, 49 Tenacity The Tower 2 Warlord The Lord The Lady 23 Hardy, 23 Elemental Defender, 23 Thick Skinned The Steed 31 Ironclad, Lava Foot Soup and Saltrice (Max Stamina, Stamina Recovery).
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