Where an application for a license has been refused by the Board, NO new application may be made in respect of the same premises within 1 (one) year from the date of refusal, except by special leave granted at the discretion of the Board. Company and Close Corporation may also hold a liquor license. With Liquor Licensing his specialty, he is always up to date with the latest Liquor Act. The following persons may not apply for a liquor license: 1. More detailed information and requirements regarding liquor sales licensing can be found in the attached Guide for First-Time Applicants for a Liquor Sales Licence. The average turnaround time for an application once it’s at the Liquor Board is between 4 and 6 months from date of lodgement, although it can be as short as 2 months or as long as 12 months (ICO objections). We are also able to renew, transfer and cancel liquor licences on our clients’ behalf. Liquor Licence Price. New Liquor Licence The process for applying for a Section 36 (new) liquor licence is given below. How to get a Liquor License in South Africa. A major factor remains the zoning of the property. Plan of the premises clearly indicating in colour the area to be licensed 1.5. Timeline to getting a licence Community Impact Statement = 30 days: Some licences require a Community Impact Statement (CIS) to be conducted prior to applying, which takes at least 30 days to complete. The Applicant of the Liquor License must be domiciled in South Africa, have no criminal record, may not be insolvent or a minor and must be in good standing at the Receiver of Revenue, to name only a few requirements. Our Head Office address (Meetings by Appointments Only): Suite 102, Hoheizen Office Park 1, Hoheizen Road, Welgemoed, Cape Town, Western Cape, 7530. Occasional Permits. Change of Plan. Zoning Applications for Liquor License Applications. Note: The license will not be issued without the Certificate of Fire and Safety and the Certificate of Acceptability. The local municipality has to give a Local Authority Approval letter (LAA) on the proposed premises. Apply as soon as possible because a Liquor License Application can take a long time. Types of liquor permits. ABLIS has more detailed information about each licence type, including: 1. how to apply for a liquor licence (with links to application forms) 2. application fees and charges 3. ongoing fees and charges 4. Free Consultation Session Being Booked @ Company Partners. Kindly see on Ecodev website (www.ecodev.gpg.gov.za) for Liquor Act and Regulations for your perusal,  or Visit: Johannesburg Region Office: Liquor Licensing 124 Corner Main and Kruis Street, Marshalltown, Johannesburg, 2107, 77 Meintjies StreetSunnysidePretoria0002Private Bag X 84Pretoria0001Tel: +27 (86) 1843 384Email: Nationalliquorauthority@thedti.gov.za, 69 Devereux AvenueVincentEast London69 DevereuxAvenueVincentEast LondonTel: + 27 (43) 700 0900, 34 Bojanala BuildingCnr. Each province (and sometimes each municipality) has different Liquor … Application forms and relevant liquor legislation are To acquire the zoning certificate and Local Authority Approval letter from Municipality, To acquire the Tax Clearance Certificate and Police Clearance Certificate of applicant, Secure a letter of consent from the landlord or lease agreement / title deed of premises, To give Notification in Government Gazette two weeks prior to lodgement, To receive the National Tourism and Hospitality association Certificate, To Lodge application on the first Friday of every month, The application will be sent to the inspectorate for inspection to be done on the site, After inspection the report will be attached to the application and send through to the Local Committee to be recommended to the Liquor Board, The Liquor Board will now place the application on their agenda to be granted, The two standard condition certificates must now be attached to the application, A reference number for payment of the activation of the liquor license must now be paid. Note that we cannot lodge an application that is incomplete. This Serving Liquor License cost in Permit Room is rupees five lakh forty-4,000 though, for a café and brew shop this permit costs rupees one lakh fifty thousand. Thank you for registering with Company Parters. Apply below or call us toll-free. In Queensland, the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) regulates liquor licence and permit applications. and Off Consumption Liquor License e.g.. … 2. a) Completed Franchise Agreement & Proof of Commitment Deposit (Client), b) 4 Certified copies of ID of applicant (Client), c) 4 Certified copies of Fingerprints or Police Clearance (Client), d) Signed Lease Agreement or Title deed (Client), e) Menu (if on consumption license) (Client), f) 4 Certified copies of Tax Clearance Certificate of applicant (Client), g) Pictures, Plan and 3D Layout Design of premises (LiquorLicense), h) Motivation & Full description of premises (LiquorLicense), i) 4 Certified Copies of Zoning Certificate of Premises (Client), j) Proof of advert in Government Gazette & Gazette (LiquorLicense), k) Proof of advert in National Newspaper (Legal Notice) & Newspapers (LiquorLicense), l) CV of applicant (Client)m) Business Plan (if funding needed from banks) (LiquorLicense), n) 4 Certified copies of Affidavit (Church, Schools & other liquor license) (Client), o) Resolution Letter (Written permission to apply on behalf of client) (Client), p) Zoning Certificate and LAA (Local Authority Authorization) (Landlord/Broker), b) 4 Certified copies of Company documents (Client), c) 4 Certified copies of Fingerprints or Police Clearance of all members (Client), d) 4 Certified copies of Company Tax Clearance Certificate (Client)(No personal tax clearance is necessary), e) Signed Lease Agreement or Title deed (Client), f) Menu (if on consumption license) (Client), g) 4 Certified copies of all members ID’s of company (Client), h) Pictures, Plan and 3D Layout Design of premises (LiquorLicense)i) Motivation & Full description of premises (LiquorLicense), j) 4 Certified Copies of Zoning Certificate of Premises (Client), k) Proof of advert in Government Gazette & Gazette (LiquorLicense), l) Proof of advert in National Newspaper (Legal Notice) & Newspapers (LiquorLicense), m) 4 Certified copies of Affidavit (Church, Schools & other liquor license) (LiquorLicense), n) Resolution Letter (Written permission to apply on behalf of company) (LiquorLicense), o) Business Plan (if funding needed from banks) (LiquorLicense), p) Zoning Certificate and LAA (Local Authority Authorisation) (Landlord/Broker). You will need to obtain Form 12 and Form 13 from the WCLA (or from SD Law). This detail will be handled by us to maximize your chances of success. MER Application Procedure for a liquor licence. Licences cannot be held by more than one person, companies or trusts. We endeavour to submit the liquor license well before beneficial occupation date to ensure the time line of the application and shop fitting coincides. Proof of payment of application fee (R150 per day) 1.3. It is recommended for time purposes that the premises are ready to trade, upon inspection from the liquor board inspector or designated police officer. A social responsibility program must be proposed with respect to alcohol consumption. All institutions that are of a religious, public recreational and educational nature within 500m of the intended establishment must be listed. In addition to this the law provides for a Wholesale and Distribution Liquor License (Liquor may be sold to licensed entities such as Liquor Stores, Pubs etc. An Official Liquor Licence Application has to be submitted at your Provincial Liquor Board (or National Liquor Board). The total cost of this process will be in excess of R10 000. Liquor Licenses can only be lodged on the first Friday of every month. Liquor License™ can submit the application to the regional office or local committee of the specific area, at an additional Cost / Fee. Note: Time frame for issue of license on average about 3 months from date of lodgement depending on the work load at liquor board and inspectors time of inspection. on Wholesale or to the public and can be transported in bulk throughout the country) and Manufacturers Liquor License. Consent letter from Municipality • Local Authority Approval on a relevant letterhead signed by a designed executing officer from the Town Planning department of the Local municipality, not a Ward Councillor. The first thing to be aware of is that each state has its own rules and requirements regarding the supply of liquor licenses, so you should contact a local authority to find out about alcohol laws and the sale of licenses in your specific state. When applying for a liquor licence for either of the following: Liquor Store, Bar, Tavern, Pool club and Night club, local authority’s approval has to be obtained for allowing the above, prior to applying for said liquor licence. Once your Application is approved, the specific Liquor Board will charge you a ‘License Cost’ that will be +-R2500. Kelner & MaekgraafWestedeneBloemfonteinPrivate Bag X20801Bloemfontein9300Tel: +27 (51) 403 3618, 94 Main StreetMarshalltownJohannesburgPrivate Bag X 091Marshalltown2107Tel: +27 (11) 355 8793Fax: +27 (11) 355 8387, 1st FloorThe Marine Building22 Dorothy Nyembe StreetDurban4001PO Box 2853Durban4000Tel: +27 (31) 302 0600Email: info@kznlqa.co.za, Evridiki Towers20 Hans van Rensburg StreetPolokwane0700Private Bag X 9484Polokwane0700Tel: +27 (15) 293 8300, 66 Anderson StreetNelspruit1200Private Bag X 11215Nelspruit1200Tel: +27 (13) 752 3729, No. 20 JUNE 2019. Here we prepare the standard / basic documents required to apply (applicable to all Liquor Boards). Should either the notification date or advertisement date in the newspapers be missed, the application cannot be lodged and will have to stand over until the next month. Proverbs 3:6 'In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.' The Liquor Licence Application Process is a lengthy process across South Africa. whether it is only beer or liquor in general. Apply for a Liquor Licence. These certificates can only be received once shop fitting has been completed. Make a complaint about liquor or cannabis licensee. It is advisable to attach the proof of payment of the Liquor License for the current year to the license as well as the Appointment of Manager Certificate and other related documentation. Applying for a Liquor License Gauteng. After lodgement the application will be send through to the liquor board’s inspectorate who will then send out an inspector to do the onsite inspection, he will file an inspectors report and attach it to the application which is then send back to the local committee to be placed on their agenda. Any person above the age of 18 years may apply for a liquor license. Requirements for a Liquor Licence Application. Know your state's alcohol laws. It is advised that ALL documents submitted are reflecting the correct information. ARE YOU AWARE THAT LIQUOR LICENSES NOW REQUIRE A BEE CERTIFICATE? Contact us Toll Free on 0800 007 269 - Free to Call from SA Cellphones and Landlines. Before applying for a liquor licence, you should first decide what type of licence you will need for your business. CHECK: 2021/2022 Applications In South Africa [ Universities, Colleges, And TVET ], Application For Liquor Licence In South Africa, License To Operate A Shop In South Africa, License for selling alcohol in South Africa. There are 4 different types of liquor licences you can apply for. Should a Liquor License expire, a new Liquor License application must be lodged. Note: As the applications are for a liquor store and at time of lodgement the shop fitting is not done the liquor board will request a final inspection once the shop is completed as well as request the two standard conditions which is the certificate of Acceptability and the Certificate of Fire and Safety before the license will be issued. Lodgement of Liquor License Applications. The following documents are required to accompany your application: 1. Any person of 18 years and older which are not disqualified according to Section 35 of the Western Cape Liquor Act 4 of 2008 as amended can apply for a new liquor licence. Applying for a liquor licence involves a number of steps that can take a significant amount of time which needs to be considered prior to lodging the application. Each Province has its own Provincial Liquor Act. The social impact as a result of the liquor establishment must be considered. Trade license. Gauteng Office address (Tax Office - Meetings by Appointments Only): Company Partners, Mimosa Office Park, 32 Mimosa Street, Wilro Park, Roodepoort, 1731 (our postal code is 1726). The proximity to a similar licensed premises, school or church. 5) Other liquor related services offered: Please note. 6 De Beers roadKimberley8301Private Bag X 6108Kimberley8301Tel: +27 (87) 310 5318Fax: +27 (53) 839 4073, Cnr University Drive and ProvidentStreetMmabatho2735Private Bag X 79Mmabatho2735Tel: +27 (18) 387 7700Fax: +27 (18) 387 7920, 3rd FloorSunbel Building3 Old Paarl RoadBellville7530Private Bag X6SanlamhofBellville7532Tel: +27 (21) 204 9700. Liquor License Cost for a State. Requirements and Tips to assist in application for a liquor licence. We assist Clients all over South Africa with Company Registrations and over 120 Business Services. Application Process for a Liquor License for your Restaurant. The following documents must be submitted: Completed application form and P100.00 application fee. *Important: The premises from which you trade will need the correct zoning / operating / property rights in order to operate the intended business. Before any alterations or extensions of the licensed premises are made, the license holder must apply to the Liquor Board for approval. Email already registered - click here to sign in, I Require A Personalised Solution / Want A Free Consultation Call Before Starting. Application for a liquor licence in terms of Section 23 of the Gauteng Liquor Act 2 of 2003. FREE LIQUOR LICENSE Application for ALL eLiquor Franchise Stores Sold at R 330 000, 00 (Ex Vat) www.eliquor.co.za The licensee shall at all times display at a conspicuous place on the premises the Liquor License. Application Process Information about when a liquor licence isn’t required, licence types, apply online for a liquor licence, apply for a small bar licence, Microbreweries and small distilleries licence, on premises, BYO restaurants, Club, Hotel licence, Producer / wholesaler, Packaged liquor, Licences for surf clubs, Limited licence - special event, Limited licence - trade fair, Limited licence - single … In Gauteng; A Certificate of Emergency Management Services and Certificate of Acceptability from the local municipality are required to receive the liquor license (once the license has been granted by the Liquor Board) however it is not necessary to be attached for lodgement. Renewable limited licence - club. We will lodge an application for the license from plan (on conditional granting) however the waiting period for the license will be longer. Apply for a Liquor Licence There are five types of Liquor Licence in Tasmania - general, club, on, off and special. Endorsements allow licence holders to sell and serve alcohol under specific circumstances (see the Endorsements page for more information). He’s build up experience and have built relationships with the right people over the past decade. Liquor licences may take 4 … Our Internal Liquor Licence Specialist Jurie Zietsman has over 13 years’ experience with Liquor Licensing across South Africa – in all 9 Provinces. Description of th… If the applicant is a legal business entity A BBBEE certificate from an approved BEE rating agency is also required. Contact Liquor Licence Concept Today! The application process. Our Liquor License Specialist can assist you throughout the entire Process – starting with Phase #1 at only R2990 and completed in 48 hours. You are required to obtain the following documents before applying for any Liquor licence. For importing or exporting of liquor, it is further required that proper procedures are followed with SARS. The application is then tabled to be placed on the liquor board’s agenda for granting or refusal and or comments. A few factors to consider include: The type of alcoholic beverages you will be selling, i.e. Please Complete Your Contact Details Below. Before any alterations or extensions of the licensed premises are made, the license holder must apply to the Liquor Board for approval. Restaurant, Pub, Tavern etc. The permit is valid for the one day or duration of the event. Only once we have your Compliance Cleared we’ll be able to quote you on Phase 2 and 3. Your local Municipality`s Planning Department or Land Use Department can confirm the suitability of a premises for an application for a specific Liquor License, should it be a Liquor Store, Restaurant, Tavern, Club or any other Liquor License. Liquor License Cost in Permit Rooms. We will advise the applicant which documentation and information is required for the submission of his Liquor License Application. The requirements and types of licenses as well as the lodgement procedure and documents required, differ from province to province. Proudly since 2006. Jurie holds an LLB Law Degree from Stellenbosch University. You can apply for a Liquor Delivery Service Licence online by creating an iAGCO account at www.agco.ca /iagco. Liquor License™ will complete in the online registration (Form 1) on the Gauteng liquor board’s website which provides me with the reference number for the application. Liquor License™ will complete in the online registration (Form 1) on the Gauteng liquor board’s website which provides me with the reference number for the application. NB - It is a very valuable and scarce type of licence, because it combines all the benefits of an On Consumption liquor licence (restaurant) with an Off Consumption liquor licence (Liquor Store).Exceptional circumstances must exist, to be successful with an application to the Liquor Board.. Covid19 - This kind of licence has become even more valuable due to Covid19, because licence … Newfoundland Labrador (NL) Liquor Corporation carry an extensive selection of spirits, wine, beer and ready-to-drink beverages and cannabis products imported from around the world as well as locally produced spirits, wine and beer. Cost to Apply for Liquor License. The application process applied for a liquor license is in 7 simple steps as below: To apply for a restricted club licence, download and complete the Restricted club licence application kit. He is the right person to assist you with your liquor licence application. You have to apply for your licence in terms of section 36 of the Western Cape Liquor Act (4 / 2008). Liquor License™ can submit the application to the regional office or local committee of the specific area, at an additional Cost / Fee. ‎2015‎/‎06‎/0‎2: DOWNLOAD: MER 3-10-2-4-30-008-01 Application for Renewal of Licence-Bookmaker ‎2019‎/‎04‎/‎24: DOWNLOAD: MER 3-10-2-4-30-008-02 Application for Renewal of Licence-Grand Gaming Mpumalanga A liquor licence can only be held by a person who is at least 18 years old. Liquor Licenses are divided into two distinct categories namely: On Consumption Liquor License (Liquor sold may only be consumed on the premises and may not be removed from the premises) e.g.. [1] X Research source Each state has an Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) agency that regulate… The restaurant owner applies for a liquor license permit from the Excise Department from their state government, where they want to open a restaurant. 1.1. They will recommend or refuse the application and send it to the Liquor Board. Note: Click on your licence typeon page 2 of this guide to go directly to the correct ABLIS page. Bottle Store Liquor License. All application fees must be received by the AGCO before an application will be processed; All fees are non-refundable. Section 23 (3) of the Gauteng Liquor Act 2 of 2003. Step 1 to 3 to be done before advertisement in gazette is done to ensure the documents are in hand to submit as incomplete applications will not be accepted. In Gauteng; the licensee shall ensure that the name of the Business, type of Business, type of Liquor License, times of Business and Liquor License number are visibly written in characters of larger than 5 centimetres in height, on the front door or window of the licensed premises. Notice in the Government Gazette has to be done approximately two weeks prior to lodgement date (roughly in the middle of the month). Each province (and sometimes each municipality) has different Liquor Laws and processes. Do you need to apply for a Liquor License for your business in South Africa? Such an application has to be lodged 14 working days prior to the event. The whole process of the application will have to be redone for the next month. Once you have worked out what type of liquor licence you need, you will then need to find that licence on the Australian Business Licence and Information service (ABLIS)website. Lodging your application. Before Applying for a Liquor Licence Decide on the type of liquor licence to apply for. If the operator of a business that has a liquor licence changes, the new operator must apply to transfer the licence. Our Office Hours: Monday to Thursday 08:30 am – 05:00 pm, Friday 8:30 am – 03:00 pm (we are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays). The renewal process also differs from province to province. To apply for a licence, you will need to complete an application form and send it to your local council, along with the fee. LiquorLicense.co.za™ will assist client with full submission, however the client remains fully responsible for submission. Processing time for a liquor licence application is currently 70 days. Your Liquor License Consultant will give you a list of requirements for a Liquor License Application. Through your iAGCO account, you will be able to check the status of your application. Liquor License™ can only lodge an application on the first Friday of every month with the gazette notification done two weeks prior to lodgement date as well as the advertisements placed in the two newspapers, also note all relevant documents must be in hand to submit the application, which includes the suitability certificate/ police clearance, tax clearance, lease agreement or consent letter from landlord, local authority from the municipality as well as the plan, certified copy of ID affidavits and NTHA Certificate. Copy of Certificate of Incorporation, or registration certificate in case of individual or partnership applicants. If you have an international number, please enter it here. The applicant requires a police clearance certificate. A recent article in the Mercury Newspaper listed the following as the “public Interest” requirements that must be met when applying for a liquor license. These are based on the New Liquor Act that came into effect earlier this year. The application can be done in the personal capacity of the applicant (natural person) or a company however there is additional documents required for a company applicant. Site plan 1.6. Contact us for more detail regarding the lodgement process in your province. Should a Liquor License holder fail to renew, the Liquor License will expire after specific time. How get a Liquor License. For the application process, see Renewable limited licence - club. (4-6 months or longer) You can apply on an existing premises or on a stand on which there is no building yet. Liquor License Requirements in Gauteng Liquor License Requirements Liquor License Requirements to Apply for a Liquor License in Gauteng. The purpose of the first phase is “Application Preparation”. BEFORE you can apply for a Liquor License you must have your own, lease or rent a Business Premises, Shop, Store, Building, Premises or Outlet where you can sell the Liquor from. Written motivation in support of the application 1.4. Wholesale Liquor License holders can only supply to licensed businesses, not to public. Certified copy of your identity document 1.2.
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